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Un Air De Molinard Eau De Parfum Spray By Molinard - ModaLtd Beauty

Un Air De Molinard Eau De Parfum Spray By Molinard


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Un Air De Molinard Perfume by Molinard, Floral scent with a hint of fruity citrus zing, un air de molinard is a remix of the revolutionary habanita fragrance. The lighter take on the cornerstone perfume of the house of molinard emits a fresh and invigorating scent that is easy to wear for people with sensitive noses. Its crisp, sharp citrusy scent evokes a masculine smell with clues of soft feminine blossoms. un air de molinard opens with accords of mandarin orange and grapefruit that embraces the fragrance with a tangy citrus scent. In its heart is a blend of floral notes consisting of iris, rose, osmanthus, and jasmine. This bouquet of blossoms infuses the perfume with a vigorous feminine aroma. The base notes are composed of vanilla and vetiver to balance the flora and fruit odor. The combination of colorful flowers and citrus emit a playful, light smell that is sunny and airy with a touch of sweetness. in 1849, the perfumer house molinard was established in grasse, provence, the heart of the world’s perfume industry. The exclusively family run business is one of the oldest empires in the world of fragrance. Parfum de molinard played with scents and initially came up with floral fragrances that eventually became its signature. The fragrant flower water products that were the brand’s trademark helped launch the perfumery to new heights. From a measly little shop, the boutique moved into an old abandoned perfume factory where it found its groove and churned out more scents thanks to its larger production capabilities. 1921 was a momentous year for the establishment as it developed two of its internationally renowned, iconic perfumes, the habanita and the concreta. Today, the brand still stands and continues to be a powerhouse in the perfumery department. do all the shopping you want without leaving the comfort of your own home with fragrancex. Our expansive catalog carries global brands such as calvin klein, victoria’s secret, and juicy couture to celebrity scents from avril lavigne, david beckham, and gwen stefani.

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