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Territoire Sport Eau De Parfum Spray By YZY Perfume - ModaLtd Beauty

Territoire Sport Eau De Parfum Spray By YZY Perfume

YZY Perfume

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Territoire Sport Cologne by YZY Perfume, Intensify your athletic energy with the invigorating fragrance of territoire sport! filled with the burst of watery freshness and uplifting accords, this youthful scent embodies a man full of sensual power and enthusiasm. Its stimulating mist brings a cheerful and vibrant mood to whoever uses it. From its scent down to its packaging, this inimitable perfume evokes the contemporary yet minimalist side of a man. It arrives in a simple flacon housed in a dark gray box with a label on it. With its long lasting fragrance and outstanding projection, territoire sport will definitely leave you an impressive sensation all day! so what are you waiting for? get into the game and wear this exceptional mist by yzy perfume. territoire sport is made with rich and exquisite essences from the world’s finest ingredients. It opens with the aqueous dews of watery notes that provides an interplay of freshness and humidity. The herbaceous and minty accent of rosemary follows, inducing a bright and relaxing profile. For the heart, the woody mist of sequoia trees conjures strength and vitality, meshing perfectly with the intensely sweet and aromatic nuance of cardamom. The base notes eventually dry down into the dark and exotic bush of patchouli, leaving a sweet yet bracing accent. The warm and animalic scent of musky notes is also present, evoking a tough and sensual touch to its blend. yzy perfumes is a well-known cosmetics company based in the united states. Established in 1986, this enterprise markets and manufactures beauty essentials and fragrances made from the most refined essences. They are also the ones who design and create sophisticated bottles, not just for their own use, but for some of the best-selling scents around the globe. Yzy perfumes offer a vast range of scents that will definitely suit one’s budget and style. This macromanaging approach to business raised their popularity in the market, making them one of the top perfumeries in the united states.

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