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Fight Club White Eau De Toilette Spray By Reyane Tradition - ModaLtd Beauty

Fight Club White Eau De Toilette Spray By Reyane Tradition

Reyane Tradition

  • $24.20

Fight Club White Cologne by Reyane Tradition, Do you know the first rule of fight club? you don’t talk about fight club. What about the second rule? you don’t talk about fight club. You know the third? spray some perfume and smell like a god before engaging in an all-out, violent brawl. Smelling nice helps save face when you lose. Fight club white by reyane tradition is an aromatic perfume for men that features a composition filled with botanicals and herbs. these elements produce an amazingly fragrant scent with kicks of diverse flavors to keep things interesting. Make sure you spritz and whiff before you punch and kick at the exclusive underground world of fighting! fight club white carries top notes of bright rosemary, bitter artemisia, smooth lavender, crisp basil, zesty lemon, bitter lemon verbena, and tangy bergamot. This citrus filled composition is spiked by green clues that dance with the sour elements to counteract its flavor, which is then infused by the floral tones to add an herbaceous dimension to the tier. White’s heart notes feature fresh coriander, creamy carnation, spicy cinnamon, warm juniper, and vivid jasmine. The sheer combination of brown accords offers a multitude of flavors, from the picante powder to nutty essences augmented by the blossoms to create a balanced aroma. The perfume’s base notes boast nuances of dark leather, earthy sandalwood, herby fir, sweet also consists of pungent patchouli, rough oakmoss, grassy vetiver, and sharp cedar. A synthesis of wood, leaves, and natural elements are accentuated by amber that spikes the tier with a saccharine touch. the different facets of this fragrance swirl into a harmony of citrusy sweetness, resulting to a melody of indescribable notes. It is a perfect wear for a cool picnic during the day or a bloody duel at night - a romantic dinner date works, too. The scent is housed in a one of a kind, pure white flacon which is shaped like a boxing glove with fine details. Get ready for the fight of your life with fight club white!

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