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Dakar Eau De Toilette Spray By Parfums Paris Dakar - ModaLtd Beauty

Dakar Eau De Toilette Spray By Parfums Paris Dakar

Parfums Paris Dakar

  • $15.00

Dakar Cologne by Parfums Paris Dakar, To be a real man, you need to be a gentleman. But, what makes a real gentleman? confidence, integrity, politeness, and a sense of humor are some of the qualities to possess. Presenting yourself at your best is also a great way to become a gentleman. Pair these attributes with a nice suit and a daily dose of dakar and you’re good to go. Dakar is a modern-classic fragrance that would definitely set you apart from the others. Don’t be surprised to find the ladies standing an inch closer to you - this inimitable mist has a powerful attraction and appeal that lure’s one’s senses. made by parfums paris dakar, this woodsy fragrance is filled with rich and exquisite essences that highly epitomize luxury and elegance. The irresistibly tempting mist starts off fresh and light with the zesty pulp of citruses that incites a cool and invigorating sensation. This group of fruits include lime, bergamot, orange, yuzu, and lemon. A playful interplay of the smooth and peppery accords eventually follow, as the pure and creamy lavender enters on top of the luscious yet fiery hints of spicy berries. For the dry down, the scent is filled with the earthy, sensual accents of sandalwood, leaving a rich and milky substance to its blend. dakar is a vivid, dramatic scent that simply evokes virility and gentleness. Whether you are out for a date, heading to work, or going out for a walk, take a spritz of this scent and it will definitely mesmerize the crowd through its lingering essences. to the man who knows what he wants, dakar by parfums paris dakar is the right scent for you. The simple yet striking aroma of this perfume makes it more interesting to wear as it mystifies one’s senses through its dark yet sweet and citrusy facet. Dakar arrives in a simple, black flacon housed in a black box.

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