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Barcos Eau De Parfum Spray By YZY Perfume - ModaLtd Beauty

Barcos Eau De Parfum Spray By YZY Perfume

YZY Perfume

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Barcos Cologne by YZY Perfume, Barcos is a masculine scent that is filled with rich and heavy aromas. It’s just right for any confident men who want a distinct fragrance that will make them stand out from the rest. It comes in a simple clear bottle with a handy spray for easy and fast application. The bottle holds 80ml of this manly perfume. barcos contains rich notes that create a sensual and heady aura. Unlike the light and airy scents of fruity or floral fragrances, barcos holds a heavy aroma that is unmistakeably male. It’s a classic aroma with a western twist. it has an oriental woody aroma with undertones of leather and spices. The oriental woody fragrance gives it a fuller effect that tempers any sweet notes. The leather accords give it a familiar yet exciting touch. Leather, which is used for hardwearing garments like military or work clothes, is perfect for highlighting the masculinity of this fragrance. The leathery scent evokes a sense of strength, authority, and success. the dash of spice also brings out more character to this fragrance. The blend of oriental woody aura, leather, and spices produce a sexy and heady fragrance for men. barcos was designed by yzy perfume. Yzy perfume traces its roots all the way to 1986. It’s a family-owned wholesaler company that specializes in perfume and beauty supplies. Their facility is built with a cutting-edge manufacturing center. This advanced center is where some of the most top-notch perfume from north america, europe, and the caribbean is designed, created, and bottled. Yzy produces mass market fragrances and beauty products, and it is one of the biggest importers, exporters, manufacturers, and disrtibutors in north america. yzy also offers private label services. Companies can create their own fragrances, whether it’s light and floral, or rich and sensual. With over 70 years of experience, yzy ensures quality perfumes.

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