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Acqua Di Parisis Roma Eau De Parfum Spray By Reyane Tradition - ModaLtd Beauty

Acqua Di Parisis Roma Eau De Parfum Spray By Reyane Tradition

Reyane Tradition

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Acqua Di Parisis Roma Perfume by Reyane Tradition, Surround yourself in the sweet embrace of acqua di parisis roma by reyane tradition paris. This scent serves as a bottled tribute to rome and perfectly captures the idealistic beauty and grandeur of the eternal city. Get a slice of the beautiful metropolis with every spritz, which emits historic accents and diverse accords. This quality fragrance features intoxicating beats of blossoms and fruits that provide delicious whiffs and curious glances. It is housed in an elegant, clear round spray bottle with a silver nozzle spray. acqua di parisis roma exudes the essence of rome. Its top notes feature a sweet marriage of vivid jasmine, ripe melon, fresh tuberose, and picante nutmeg. This cornucopia of fruits and florals produce an enigmatic flavor that boosts the fragrance energetic vibe. A subdued base of creamy sandalwood, glace vanilla accents, and intense musk strikes and balances the upper tones, counteracting its sweetness with a mild earthiness and a pleasant, woody aroma. This is a perfect wear for a casual tour under the afternoon sun or an airy late night date with the one you adore. rome lies in the heart of italy, serving as its capital and its architectural wonder. Ranked as the 14th most visited city in the world, the place boasts the status of a global city. The principal city was believed to be named after its founder and first king, romulus. A famous roman myth depicts the ruler as a twin, the other half being remus, that was raised by a she wolf. A tragic fate befell the brothers, which is the opposite of rome’s abundant history. Rome belongs in the lazio region and is the country’s largest and most robust commune, with 2.9 million residents living in it. It also boasts a fine list of renaissance, baroque, and neoclassic architecture that people from all over the globe visit just for a chance to observe its magnificence in the flesh.

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